A change on the way

Cover art is a huge deal when it comes to selling books. The fact is, people really do abide by that old cliche and judge a book by its cover. Insufficient cover art can kill a book’s sales, despite the content found therein. And so with that in mind, a change is in order.

Since the publisher for MUSCLE MEMORY never was enamored with the art I originally acquired for the book, I was encouraged to keep looking for something different. Something better. A piece of art that will jump off the cover and draw the eye, that will demand a longer look and suck in the reader. I think I found just such a piece of art. This image entitled ‘Vapor’ by artist Heather Nunnelly was the only piece I found that matched the book I wrote. I am proud to unveil this new artwork and can’t wait until new editions of MUSCLE MEMORY come out with this art adorning the cover.

Of course, that means that the original version will soon disappear. It’s still in stock and ready to ship from Amazon.com, but not for much longer. When those last copies of the first version are gone, that’s it.  If you like the yellow cover art you see on the Amazon page, then you’ll want to hurry and grab one before they’re gone. You could be one of a very select group who got their hands on the original version before it went out of print. It could be worth some money one day when I become rich and famous, like those fancy rich assholes Matthew Revert and William Pauely III.

Can you afford to miss out on such a chance? Of course you can’t.

One thought on “A change on the way

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