Big News Part Deux: Second book due out in 2010

Eraserhead Press

Clarification is needed regarding my first book announcement… ‘Wolves Dressed as Men’ will not be my first published book, it will be my second. My short novel ‘Muscle Memory’ will be published first as part of the Eraserhead Press ‘New Bizarro Author Series’ this year. It is scheduled to be released in October, while ‘Wolves’ will be pushed back a few months to November. Just in time for your Christmas shopping and such.

‘Muscle Memory’ is the story of Billy Gillespie, who realizes things are off early one morning when he reaches between his legs and grabs only air. Billy is no longer Billy. He is his wife, Tina. On the bed is his dead body, presumably with Tina trapped inside. On the kitchen counter, empty beer bottles and a container of antifreeze. Billy and the rest of his small western Pennsylvania town have switched bodies with each other – neighbors Tucker and his wife, Julia; Edgar Winter and a sheep, the guys (er, girls) down at the local watering hole. As they unravel the mystery of what happened and why, Billy must also come to grips with his own murder at the hands of the woman whose body he now inhabits. NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw makes a memorable cameo as well in a fast, funny read you’ll likely consume in the time it takes one of my kids to use the crapper.

The NBAS books should all come out at BizarroCon in Portland, OR, which I will be attending and sticking out like a sore fucking thumb amongst all those left coast, bizarro types. I can’t wait – a conservative Indiana boy in Portland … Oh, there will be stories. And blood, too. There will be stories and blood.

Pardon me while I go drink your milkshake now.

New story up at Short-Story.Me

If you like westerns and ghosts and mysterious, dark riders, then you might enjoy my lastest story: Standerfer’s Last Commission. This website is pretty cool if you’re a fan of genre fiction. You can subscribe to their feed and they’ll send you stories.

This story was written for the finale of a contest. I lost to this freakin’ guy. But it was fair and square and I couldn’t have picked a better dude to lose to.

Varmits! live on Drabblecast

My short story ‘Varmits!’ is live on Drabblecast – it’s a podcast so turn on your speakers. If you’re at work, there’s a couple naughty words, but nothing too awful. It’s the story of a paranoid man who realizes raccoons are drawn to him by the siren call of his bassoon. And they’re up to no good. (Muwahahahaha!)

Listen to ‘Varmits!’ now.

UPDATE – 1/10/09… What do folks think of this story? Here’s one listener’s comment from the Drabblecast message board. Note that I have absolutely no clue who this person is, aside from the user name Damp_Obsession:

Artwork by Rudolpho Arrendondo

Ok, I totally loved this. Steve Lowe’s dark and livid writing style, Norm’s awesome narrating, and the hilarious premise all mixed together turned into a symphony slathered in awesomesauce. Let’s hope it doesn’t drip on the carpet. I laughed I cried, well I didn’t really cry… But I throughly enjoyed it. I couldn’t help but reminisce back to my old marching band days. He’s right about the Tuba’s you know, they are the bottom of the pecking order, except for maybe the clarinets.

I’m definitely stealing the line “awesomesauce”.

– Steve

In the queue

Upcoming for 2010, ‘Varmits!’ will appear on Drabblecast as a narrated podcast. I expect it to be awesome.

Also, ‘Inconvenienced by Truth’ will be on Liquid Imagination, scheduled for the first week of Feb. And some time in the Spring, ‘Jumpers’ will be on Three Crow Press. Links will be made available to all at the appropriate times.

OK, enough whoring myself for now. I’ll try to post something of actual interest to people not named Steve Lowe soon.

New for 2010, Another Website to Ignore!

Welcome, blah blah, all that crap. Yes, another writer’s website. I really don’t know what to do with this here site for now, other than use it as a dumping site for all the Steve Lowe related content that is steadily worming its way across the InterNest (my word, copyright pending… not really, just kidding) It was about one year ago that my first short story appeared online at The Absent Willow Review.

Since then, I’ve had about five or six more stories published with another three or four pending publication in 2010. I have two completed novellas that I’m shopping around right now, both as stand-alone works and also as part of a couple of collections that I slapped together. On the off chance someone picks them up, I suppose I should have a website to link to, so here it is.

I’ll post some more links and maybe even the full text of stories that have already been published and the rights reverted back to me. I know, you’ll wait with bated breath for that, right?