New Fiction, New Fiction!

I’ve got two new pieces of fiction that went live this week. They’re both short, fast reads. Let me know what you think:

Read “Short Gary Takes a Cow to California” on Esteban’s House of Bizarro

Read “Playcations for Free!” on Bloody Bridge Review

UPDATE (5/27/10): And a third piece for this month just went live at Short-Story.Me. Click here to read “What Philip Did in Tulsa”.

And I recommend checking out the rest of the current issue of House of Bizarro, if that sort of thing floats your boat. Lots of great stuff in there – more fiction, reviews, interviews, and some pretty cool artwork.

Steam Punk Sphinx by Simon Rudd

Artwork for Muscle Memory

Feast your eyes on the image that Kaolin Fire made for the MUSCLE MEMORY cover. It rocks and or rolls, and I may have to put it on a t-shirt.

Also got my first blurb back from S.D. Hintz, who loved the story and said this: 

‘Hilariously disturbing! Lowe bends gender roles into a noose and unravels it on an emotional roller coaster where nuclear families explode.’

S.D. Hintz, author of Blood Orchard and Charnel Harbor

… And now, some random minutiae …

NEWS FLASH! – I will have a story in the next issue of Esteban Silvani’s House of Bizarro, the weird wing of Dark Recesses magazine. After badgering poor Esteban with submissions, he finally threw me a bone to shut me up and accepted “Short Gary Takes a Cow to California”. Lucky for him, because I was going to resort to whining next.

Also, a not-so-bizarro story called “What Philip Did in Tulsa” will be up on Short-Story.Me sometime soon. It’s less weird and more mean, a story of vengance that doesn’t go as planned.

. . .

I still haven’t taken my Official Author Jacket Photo yet. I’m conflicted because I was originally going to wear an Ascot and clutch a pipe and hold my morbidly obese beagle and look all stupid for the photo, but now I’m changing my mind. I’m thinking something more professional, like a tuxedo t-shirt, may be in order.

. . .

Spring sports have begun in full swing this week, meaning long evenings of drudgery for me typing up high school track & field results. I hate track. You cannot begin to understand my loathing for track. But once May ends and school lets out, I will be free. It will be a summer of writing for me. With a novella to finish and two other projects needing attention, I am determined to get shit done before next fall so I can concentrate on my two book releases and my first convention (BizarroCon) not related to building products.

. . .

Some friendly advice – Before you eat your next salad, get some bibb lettuce. You can use a leaf as an actual bib, then eat it last and not waste a napkin.

You’re welcome.

New story up at Short-Story.Me

If you like westerns and ghosts and mysterious, dark riders, then you might enjoy my lastest story: Standerfer’s Last Commission. This website is pretty cool if you’re a fan of genre fiction. You can subscribe to their feed and they’ll send you stories.

This story was written for the finale of a contest. I lost to this freakin’ guy. But it was fair and square and I couldn’t have picked a better dude to lose to.