There is no ‘I’ in 2-Minute Drill

Well, actually… nevermind. A quick note about this site. It’s run by me, Steve. That’s it. There’s no group of people behind the scenes making the magic happen. Now, when it comes to the 2-Minute Drill, that’s a little different. The Drill is kinda out there, in case you haven’t noticed, and it requires help beyond just Me, Myself and I. We draw a great many voices from across the psychotic spectrum within our head to come up with the nonsensical bullshit we run.¬†Hence the “we” when we talk about 2-MD. The 2-Minute Drill staff is actually quite large. (That’s what she said.)

Thanks for your time,


New for 2010, Another Website to Ignore!

Welcome, blah blah, all that crap. Yes, another writer’s website. I really don’t know what to do with this here site for now, other than use it as a dumping site for all the Steve Lowe related content that is steadily worming its way across the InterNest (my word, copyright pending… not really, just kidding) It was about one year ago that my first short story appeared online at The Absent Willow Review.

Since then, I’ve had about five or six more stories published with another three or four pending publication in 2010. I have two completed novellas that I’m shopping around right now, both as stand-alone works and also as part of a couple of collections that I slapped together. On the off chance someone picks them up, I suppose I should have a website to link to, so here it is.

I’ll post some more links and maybe even the full¬†text of stories that have already been published and the rights reverted back to me. I know, you’ll wait with bated breath for that, right?