Interviewed by The New Flesh

William Pauley III asked me questions about things, for which I provided answers. This exchange was captured electronically and distributed to the world via his fine flash fiction ezine, The New Flesh. Please enjoy reading of such things as my defense of vanilla ice cream, my advice for the Class of 2078, and my incredible skills with MS Paint. It’s bacon, I swear.

Interview with The New Flesh.

‘BOOM!’ Goes Lucchesi live on New Flesh

A piece of flash fiction called ‘BOOM! Goes Lucchesi’ is up live at The New Flesh. If you like Lucchesi, let me know because I’m about 7,000 words into a longer story about him and want to know if I should keep going. The longer story has lots going on – a horned child sired by a tumor, John Wayne, revenge, The World’s Largest Egg, and more…

**UPDATE** – Best comment so far comes from Mr. Harold Lowe: “If your mother ever reads this, you realize who she will blame, right?”

I’m No. 3

On the best of The New Flesh list for 2009 that is, for my flash ‘Aloisious Cottonbottom’s Surefire Image Reconstruction Services’. Here’s the entire list, just click on the story titles to read them.

Also, here’s a nice review of my story ‘Jungle Rot’ from the Dead Bait Anthology from Severed Press.