News, Links and other filler in between posts of Muscle Memory 2

Catching up on some recent news and reviews that I forgot to post here:

1. Muscle Memory is part of the Amazon 4-for-3 deal – buy four books that qualify for the deal and you’ll get one of them for free (CLICK HERE). Also, there are tons of Eraserhead Press, Lazy Fascist and Deadite Press titles that qualify. Good time to stuck up on summer reading material. (SEE SOME OF THEM HERE and also HERE)

2. The awesome image up above of the raccoon playing a tuba was created by Kirsten Alene for my story “Varmits!” which you can read over on Unicorn Knife Fight. CLICK HERE to read it.

3. Karl Fischer posted a flattering review of Muscle Memory on his new tumblr site Electric Bazaar. READ IT HERE

4. If you snag a copy of William Pauley III‘s book THE BROTHERS CRUNK (attention NES lovers, attention!) and message Chris Bowsman that you have done so, Chris will send you a free PDF ebook of his own book A LIFE ON FIRE, an excellent little nightmare about a man slowly devolving into insanity. I’ve read and enjoyed them both, and this is a hell of a cool deal. CLICK HERE FOR SOME CRUNK

5. I’m on Google+ now – COME SAY HI

I think that’s all. I just finished reading ROBOPOCALYPSE, which started a little shaky but turned out to be a decent read. Now I’m starting Patrick Wensink’s BLACK HOLE BLUES which, after one chapter, has started out very strong. If it’s as funny and enjoyable as his blog DEATH TO KENNY ROGERS then he has a winner here. So far, so good. At the end of August, an interview of me by Mr. Wensink should find its way to WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE,  so definitely mark your calendars and cancel all of your other plans for that exciting event.

OK, that’s definitely it. Unless you want to share something with me. Whatcha reading these days?

Muscle Memory for the Kindle only $0.99

Everybody loves a sale, right? For a limited time, the Kindle version of Muscle Memory will be available for only $0.99. I’ve marked it down for the rest of May at least, to hopefully kick start sales so I can make a nice donation to the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library (click here for the details of this promotion).

But while we’re on the subject, this is actually a great time to try some new fiction without spending much money at all. There are a number of outstanding titles available for $0.99 on the Kindle. And remember, you don’t need an actual Kindle to be able to read Kindle titles – if you have an iPhone or Droid, there are Kindle apps available. I’ve read several of these books on my iPhone and it’s not nearly as cumbersome or tough to see as I thought it would be. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly encourage you to do so. Several of these books below are short, only around 100-page or less novellas, so it’s not like you’re trying to slog through a huge novel on your screen. (And again, at only $0.99, it’s more than worth it to give it a try.)

Also available for $0.99 are the following (click the cover art to go to Amazon):

The Egg Said Nothing, by Caris O’Malley (Eraserhead Press)

read my review of this book here

The Brothers Crunk, by William Pauley III (Grindhouse Press)

read my review here

The Sorrow King, by Andersen Prunty (Grindhouse Press)

read my review here

Fuckness, also by Andersen Prunty

Mother Puncher, by Gina Rinalli (Eraserhead)

(Gina has a bunch of $0.99 titles, check them all out)

Nightjack, by Tom Piccirilli (Crossroad Press & Macabre Ink Digital)

Katja from the Punk Band, by Simon Logan (ChiZine)

An Occupation of Angels, by Lavie Tidhar (Apex)

A Russian Prostitute’s Guide to Pakistan and Other Tales of Grit and Valor, by S. Sommerville (House of Bizarro)

Vampires in Devil Town, by Wayne Hixon (Grindhouse)

Please note that this is, in no way, a complete list of all the great $0.99 Kindle books available. If you want to share more, leave a link in the comments.

Book review: The Brothers Crunk, by William Pauley III

(This review was originally written in Japanese, but was hastily [and poorly] translated for the sake of rushing it to English speaking markets to capitalize on the explosion in popularity of hastily- [and poorly-] translated book reviews.)

Corpulent populations of kudos regard to the constructor of the published book materials nomenclatured THE BROTHERS CRUNK assmbled by letter arranger William Pauley the 3. Containment of emotion regards to material found upon perusal most extraneous of aforementioned word groupings, eyeballers of book this most difficult will find. Excessive celebration penalties abounding.

Of familiarity to fantastical old-timey gaming contol systematics, recommendations gush forth, plus double good excitablility for literary genre “bizarro” suggested from this reviewer. Please for to extend the thankful yous upon letter arranger William Pauley the 3 for most estimable and honorable calculations toward enjoyable leisure hours laid on doorstep of handsomely presented masterpiece bearing moniker THE BROTHERS CRUNK. (Also, making of special notations, purchasing of this book story tale for the Amazon Kindle rates small monetary increments of $0.99!! Super fantastic sale for short duration!! Inquire swiftly!!)

Book is this receiving of heartiness “Two opposable thumbs thrust upward!”

(To unlock original Japanese version of this review, please key in the following: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start)