6 Pro Tips To Succeed In Gears of War 4

6 Pro Tips To Succeed In Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 is already available for Ultimate Edition buyers and pre-orders for the regular version. The Gears of War veterans among you are sure to be rubbing their heads at the thought of the competitive multiplayer . For all newcomers to the series, we’ll give you some essential tips to help you stay focused on multiplayer battles.

Team play as the key to success

That team play is important is certainly not a secret and should nevertheless be mentioned as a key component. The better you work with your team, the better your chances of survival! Not only can you create pressure together through the connection of your individual firepower, you can revive each other. Even if you play with strangers, you should try to hold onto them and not blindly go into battle alone.

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Marking Opponents

Above all, if there are only a few opponents left in a Team Deathmatch, it is worth highlighting opponents and making them visible to the teammates with an icon above their heads. You mark opponents by aiming for them and pressing the left analog stick.

Know your surroundings

The more you play, the better you will be able to memorize the different maps. This is not only important to know the various ways and hiding places, but also to find particularly strong, regular weapons such as the Boomshot. You can also highlight them by pressing LB, which is especially useful at the beginning of your Gears 4 career. To get to know the maps without the pressure of a multiplayer game, you can set up private matches against Bot and train in peace.

Move! Move! Move!

In order to be successful in the multiplayer of Gears of War 4, you should be able to move as quickly as possible over the map. Important for this is the so-called “wall bounce”. For this, you run to a wall, press A to take cover, and use the left analog stick to move away from the wall where your avatar reaches it. So you can use the momentum of “in-cover-walking” without finally sticking to the wall.

Shotguns in close combat

This tip is very simple: Always have a shotgun ready for melee combat! And believe me, in the multiplayer game of Gears of War 4, you’ll be more likely to be head-to-head with your opponent than you’re fond of. Once you’re hurt, a red, round icon appears in the middle of the screen. You can use this to aim without having to use LT. This saves time and makes it easier to aim in certain situations!

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Cover is everything

Gears of War 4 is a cover shooter, so it seems only logical that you should cover yourself as often as possible. Those who charge freely at their opponents usually only take a few steps forward. Rather, move from cover to cover and use the “wall bounce” to get into favorable positions to surprise your opponents. Also, do not spend too much time in one place: camping usually never succeeds on the relatively small multiplayer maps.

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