gears of war Weapons Guide

gears of war Weapons Guide

Gears of war weapon list

  • Lancer assault rifle
  • Longshot sniper rifle
  • Gnasher shotgun
  • Hammer of Dawn

In Gears of war can you 2 ask for big weapons, 1 pistol and one grenade type at once. The standard composition is Lancer / shotgun / fog grenade / snub pistol.

Lancer assault rifle

Lancer assault rifle

The Lancer is an assault rifle with a relatively large magazine and a chain saw in the front for close combat. It’s best to use them to fire from cover (blind), keep enemies down, or fight enemies at medium to long range.

The chainsaw activates it by pressing the melee button (on xbox B, where Pc version f + left click), which either initiates a dissection animation or triggers a chain saw spell (then always press the melee button quickly). If you have the chainsaw activated, you will, as with the sprint, slower at shelling. You should never lose the lancer as it is your main, and most important, weapon.

Longshot sniper rifle

Longshot sniper rifle

The only rifle in the whole game with visor-zoom. It is especially suitable for head shots, since the recharge goal duration is too long to shoot an enemy, the rifle is namely a single shot loader. Even if you aim well, you only need one shot to rip the enemy’s head.

The game, and straight ammo for, is rare and can only be found in small quantities, so you should divide it well. Sometimes it looks like you have your head in sight, but as long as the crosshairs are not red you do not shoot! A few millimeters move and still it should remain white still aim again.

Gnasher shotgun

Gnasher shotgun

This weapon is invincible in close combat, but only there, even at medium range you can do no more damage. Blind shooting is not recommended because the reload time is far too long. When melee (a strike) you have several options, either you hit 2 times to what the enemy does or shots once (if he is 1-2 meters in front of you also quiet blind) on him what should either kill him or shred it.

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Hammer of Dawn

You will only find this weapon in the game a few times, mostly only to obliterate berserkers. In Multiplayer you have only limited Muntions.

boom shot

This weapon is worn by the boomers. It is unwieldy, heavy and has a long reload time. but 1 shot is enough to shred the standard enemies (crawlers, drones etc). Grade in co-op does not hurt if one has one. But be careful that you are not too close or you will blow yourself up in the air.

hammer burst

The Locust counterpart to the Lancer. Unlike the Lancer you have to trigger each shot here individually. You can zoom in here like the Boltok pistol. The shots do more damage, but it’s easier to dodge (with the Lance firing every escape attempt is a suicide mission) and blindfire is a little less effective. In the second part you can also choose whether you want to have Lancer or Hammerburst at the beginning (multiplayer). If you have this weapon, you should be careful that your opponents are not too close, only at a great distance, it is superior to the other weapons.

Arkon arch

Bow and arrow with a difference. One of the most difficult weapons to use in the game, but a skilled player can use it to kill a lot of enemies, taking a certain amount of playing time. Unlike the other weapons you have no crosshairs here but you have to aim first and then keep the fire button pressed until a yellow line starts from the bow (at the point of impact you should be able to see a yellow square).

If you let go then the arrow shoots and gets stuck at the target. Even then he should jump away the arrow stuck to him, explodes and kills him. The only disadvantages of this weapon are the long aiming, which you can load only one projectile at a time and the short ammunition. To mention is that the melee attack of the bow is stronger than the other weapons (except Lancer)

COG pistol

The standard pistol. It is not to be underestimated, also here each shot must be released individually. With some practice in active reloading you can fire almost continuously – as long as you have munitions. Also the damage is not to be despised, it is used on average 2 magazines for an enemy.

Boltok Pistol

The great friend of the COG pistol. A revolver with high damage (usually 2 shots to kill an enemy) and the to zoom in is not to be despised (especially in head shots). However, it takes a long time to trigger another after a shot.

Ask grenades

One of the deadliest weapons in the game, which allows you to kill swap holes, kill enemies or set traps. Throwing works quite normally, and you can throw it blind. With the grenade in your hand you can go to a wall, press B and attach the grenade with it (like an opponent). It is triggered when an opponent passes it – so it is recommended especially for narrow passages.

Fog grenade

This grenade releases a mist in the explosion of (hence the name) and enemies will thus reflect in greater radius. Nevertheless, I would exchange them for Frag Grenade, because with them simply more can be achieved. Nevertheless, they can help, skillfully placed, they can catapult an opponent into the abyss.

6 Pro Tips To Succeed In Gears of War 4

6 Pro Tips To Succeed In Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 is already available for Ultimate Edition buyers and pre-orders for the regular version. The Gears of War veterans among you are sure to be rubbing their heads at the thought of the competitive multiplayer . For all newcomers to the series, we’ll give you some essential tips to help you stay focused on multiplayer battles.

Team play as the key to success

That team play is important is certainly not a secret and should nevertheless be mentioned as a key component. The better you work with your team, the better your chances of survival! Not only can you create pressure together through the connection of your individual firepower, you can revive each other. Even if you play with strangers, you should try to hold onto them and not blindly go into battle alone.

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Gears of War 4 Horde Mode beginner’s guide

Marking Opponents

Above all, if there are only a few opponents left in a Team Deathmatch, it is worth highlighting opponents and making them visible to the teammates with an icon above their heads. You mark opponents by aiming for them and pressing the left analog stick.

Know your surroundings

The more you play, the better you will be able to memorize the different maps. This is not only important to know the various ways and hiding places, but also to find particularly strong, regular weapons such as the Boomshot. You can also highlight them by pressing LB, which is especially useful at the beginning of your Gears 4 career. To get to know the maps without the pressure of a multiplayer game, you can set up private matches against Bot and train in peace.

Move! Move! Move!

In order to be successful in the multiplayer of Gears of War 4, you should be able to move as quickly as possible over the map. Important for this is the so-called “wall bounce”. For this, you run to a wall, press A to take cover, and use the left analog stick to move away from the wall where your avatar reaches it. So you can use the momentum of “in-cover-walking” without finally sticking to the wall.

Shotguns in close combat

This tip is very simple: Always have a shotgun ready for melee combat! And believe me, in the multiplayer game of Gears of War 4, you’ll be more likely to be head-to-head with your opponent than you’re fond of. Once you’re hurt, a red, round icon appears in the middle of the screen. You can use this to aim without having to use LT. This saves time and makes it easier to aim in certain situations!

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Cover is everything

Gears of War 4 is a cover shooter, so it seems only logical that you should cover yourself as often as possible. Those who charge freely at their opponents usually only take a few steps forward. Rather, move from cover to cover and use the “wall bounce” to get into favorable positions to surprise your opponents. Also, do not spend too much time in one place: camping usually never succeeds on the relatively small multiplayer maps.

Gears 5 Review – The Best Gears Yet?

Gears 5 Review

Gears 5 delivers a bombastic and spectacularly staged campaign, peppered with sometimes more open levels and RPG elements.

Imagine, you buy yourself full of anticipation Gears 5. You download the game, feverish each gigabyte, which lands on your hard drive and brings you closer to the game. You start it, rejoice like a little kid on the Rumgeballer, the proverbial knocking, the explosions. And then the game says: Moooment, before you do anything here, you first play the tutorial. Dear people of The Coalition: Seriously? With the exception of Judgment, I played every gear and you would like me to play a tutorial first?

It takes just under 20 minutes in its entirety and provides the basics, how you shoot, sprint and so on. Things every Gears veteran has in his blood. Lucky that the cancel can be. As an optional item in the menu, it’s okay that it starts automatically with the first start of the game, it pisses me off.

Especially since it is not necessary to learn the “most important innovations”, because the game points out to you in the course of the campaign one way or the other.

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Gears 5 in test

Well, enough excited. It’s basically the only bigger excitement I’ve had so far, and that would be out of the way. Let’s move on to more beautiful things, such as the rest of the campaign. Which presents itself in the usual popcorn-action-cinema-style. Whoever wants to turn up the speakers or put on the headphones and want to be pounded by thunderous, bass-demanding noise, is exactly right here.

Gears 5 deepens the story of Kait Diaz and its connection to the Locust, while at the same time the swarm makes life increasingly difficult for people on Sera.

You will learn a lot more about backgrounds and connections.Which of course I would not tell you at this point. So much to say: The campaign takes you on a wild ride through different areas of Sera, has some twists ready and is staged with great attention to detail.

Whether it is the scenes decorated with numerous subtleties. The background noise with their occasionally quiet and more frequent loud moments. Games have come a long way since I discovered this hobby for myself. Gears 5 shows this in a neat and elaborate way that remains true to the style of the series. I do not go that far and call Gears 5 the technical non plus ultra the currently possible, that’s not it. Some settings and show values ​​impressed me more than others, but the Sera desert is not one of them. It’s too dry for me (haha!), Too boring.

Gears of War 4 Horde Mode beginner’s guide

Gears of War 4 Horde Mode beginner's guide

Gears of War 4 features JD Fenix, the son of Marcus Fenix. In addition to the single player campaign, you have an extensive multiplayer and the popular Horde mode available. In this guide you’ll read tips on both modes to help you with the numerous enemy waves.

At cover shooter Gears of War 4, you investigate the disappearance of some humans and meet again bloodthirsty opponents. The story takes place 25 years after the end of Part 3 and will amuse you again with exciting fights. If you want to play Gears of War 4 with friends, you should try the multiplayer mode or the reworked mode Horde 3.0 . In this introductory guide to Gears of War 4 we give you tips and tricks for multiplayer and the Horde mode.

Gears of War 4: Multiplayer and Horde mode in detail

Microsoft’s Play Anywhere feature allows Xbox One and Windows 10 PC owners to play together. Different classes and abilities help you in both modes. It’s also worth playing multiplayer features, as you can unlock a lot of Achievements and Achievements here . The Horde mode has been redesigned and is now called Horde 3.0. On every multiplayer map you can play the popular mode. Not every player has to own this card. It is sufficient if the host of the private party has the map . That should bring players together.

In Horde mode, you play over 50 waves and knock out one opponent at a time. So take time to complete a lap. Over the waves you must try to build your position and create a defense . After each wave you collect energy that you can invest in fixtures and weapons in the factory . So you increase your stock after every opponent wave again.

The multiplayer consists of several modes. For example, in the team you play Deathmatch , where you have to kill all enemies before your team number drops to zero. Dodgeball is played with up to 5 players. Two teams compete against each other in this deadly dodgeball. Try to kill as many enemies as you can. If an opponent dies, a team member is revived. King of the Hill lets you capture and receive target rings. Basically, here’s a little change from Capture the Flag. Other modes include betting, protector, and war zone .

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If you win some games, you’ll rise in rank. This helps in matchmaking, so you always fight with equal players. First, a player must complete 5 placement games . The game then rates the skill of the player and places him in one of the following 5 ranks:

  • bronze
  • silver
  • gold
  • onyx
  • diamond

Each rank has another 3 levels . Any game after the placement rounds can drop you levels if you had too few kills, etc. If you lose the number of levels, you find yourself in a lower rank again. Overall, you can play on 10 maps . Each month, two new cards are to appear.

gears pop review

gears pop review

The crossover spin-off “Gears POP!” Is now available as a download for iOS and Android. We took a closer look at Microsoft’s unusual experiment.

Gears of War made of plastic

The basic idea behind Gears Pop! is strange. Microsoft released a mobile app that portrayed familiar characters from the “Gears of War” series as funko pop characters. The “Gears of War” series was always characterized by their explicit representation of violence. And the pop characters … well … not really. Can this crossover work?

The gameplay of Gears Pop!

Gears pop! is strongly based on Clash Royale. In an arena, two players and their troops compete against each other. The troops can be assembled before each match in the main menu and combined as desired. The selected units are placed on the field. The goal of the match is to eliminate the opposing towers and finally the opponent.

During the battle you have to keep an eye on your points at the bottom of the screen. With each unit you send to the field, they decrease as each unit consumes points. Although the points recharge over time, a little tactical skill is required to avoid being empty-handed in the middle of the game. However, the fights are not too challenging.

Humourous style

The idea of presenting the “Gears of War” characters as pop characters is being consistently pursued. At first, it may seem irritating for fans of the series to see the well-known muscle protagonists as small, cute plastic figures. The developers try again and again to pick up typical elements of the “Gears” series in a humorous way. For example, the iconic ” saw fight ” has found its way into the app. When two pop characters duel with chainsaw lancers, the typical human weapon, it just looks funny.

Lootboxing and daily missions in Gears Pop!

As a free-to-play mobile game comes Gears Pop! not without microtransactions and lootboxes. After completing a match, you will receive a Lootbox, which you can open in the menu. However, only the first box in the game is released for immediate opening. Usually you have to wait up to five hours before you can open a box.

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Unless you invest some of the premium currency, crystals that you have to buy for real money. Although these crystals are also free playable, but on this way you need much more time. If you have opted for an opening option, the content of a Lootbox can consist of skins, new units and the regular in-game currency (coins). When you drag new characters out of a lootbox, they are hidden in a digital version of the original pop packaging,

To unlock new skins or units, you have to open loot boxes. It is not possible to buy specific items in the shop.

In order to provide long-term motivation, the developers have built missions for which you get more rewards than in traditional matches. For example, a typical mission may consist of winning 20 matches or completing a certain number of matches in a given time.

Gears POP! rating

Gears pop! is one of these apps, which is ideal for waiting time bridging. The matches are easy to handle, the controls are easy to learn, and anyone who has ever played a Clash Royale-style game will find their way quickly. However, anyone who plays the app for more than a few minutes a day inevitably encounters the downsides of the free-to-play model: long waiting times.

how to play gears pop on pc

how to play gears pop on pc

You can now enjoy Gears POP on your PC. Our methods are simple and you will be done is a flash. All you have to do is follow my easy steps below:

1.Get an emulator application:

This is an app that emulates the mobile environment in your computer and allows you to run apps like this on your PC. Best options:

i. NOx App Player (recommended).

II. Bluestacks App Player: If you do not already have bluestacks installed on your computer, go to and click the green “Download bluestacks” button in the middle of the page, and then install it, depending on yours computer operating system.

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Minimum system requirement for operation of an emulator:

2 GB or higher ROM

4 GB hard disk space

AGPU with direct X 9.0 or higher capabilities.

Minimum processor needed 2.2 GHz.
Latest version of graphics driver.

2. Install and set up NOX or Bluestacks emulator.

On Windows – Double-click the download. EXE file, click Yes, when prompted, now click Install, click completely when it becomes available, open the emulator app if it does not start automatically, and follow the instructions on the screen To log in to your Google Account

On Mac – Double-click the downloaded DMG file, double-click the emulator app icon, click Install, if prompted, check the installation when prompted to click Next, if available, open it if it does not start automatically, and follow the instructions on your Google Account.

3.Click the My apps tab. It is in the upper left corner of the window (on bluestacks).
4.Click the System App folder. You can find that in the top left of the page my apps. This opens a folder containing the existing Bluestacks apps.
5.Click Google Play. It is a multicolor triangle icon on the “System App” page. The Google Play Store is displayed
6.Click on the search bar. This text box is at the top of the Google Play Store page.
7.Search for this APP by typing the name of the Gears POP! -App and then clicking Enter.

The Google Play Store often displays the most suitable app for you at the top of the list of search results. Click INSTALL under this APP to get you to start the installation.

8.Usage: Visit the tab “my apps” and click on the Gears POP! -App icon.