Gears 5 Review – The Best Gears Yet?

Gears 5 Review

Gears 5 delivers a bombastic and spectacularly staged campaign, peppered with sometimes more open levels and RPG elements.

Imagine, you buy yourself full of anticipation Gears 5. You download the game, feverish each gigabyte, which lands on your hard drive and brings you closer to the game. You start it, rejoice like a little kid on the Rumgeballer, the proverbial knocking, the explosions. And then the game says: Moooment, before you do anything here, you first play the tutorial. Dear people of The Coalition: Seriously? With the exception of Judgment, I played every gear and you would like me to play a tutorial first?

It takes just under 20 minutes in its entirety and provides the basics, how you shoot, sprint and so on. Things every Gears veteran has in his blood. Lucky that the cancel can be. As an optional item in the menu, it’s okay that it starts automatically with the first start of the game, it pisses me off.

Especially since it is not necessary to learn the “most important innovations”, because the game points out to you in the course of the campaign one way or the other.

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Well, enough excited. It’s basically the only bigger excitement I’ve had so far, and that would be out of the way. Let’s move on to more beautiful things, such as the rest of the campaign. Which presents itself in the usual popcorn-action-cinema-style. Whoever wants to turn up the speakers or put on the headphones and want to be pounded by thunderous, bass-demanding noise, is exactly right here.

Gears 5 deepens the story of Kait Diaz and its connection to the Locust, while at the same time the swarm makes life increasingly difficult for people on Sera.

You will learn a lot more about backgrounds and connections.Which of course I would not tell you at this point. So much to say: The campaign takes you on a wild ride through different areas of Sera, has some twists ready and is staged with great attention to detail.

Whether it is the scenes decorated with numerous subtleties. The background noise with their occasionally quiet and more frequent loud moments. Games have come a long way since I discovered this hobby for myself. Gears 5 shows this in a neat and elaborate way that remains true to the style of the series. I do not go that far and call Gears 5 the technical non plus ultra the currently possible, that’s not it. Some settings and show values ​​impressed me more than others, but the Sera desert is not one of them. It’s too dry for me (haha!), Too boring.

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