gears of war Weapons Guide

gears of war Weapons Guide

Gears of war weapon list

  • Lancer assault rifle
  • Longshot sniper rifle
  • Gnasher shotgun
  • Hammer of Dawn

In Gears of war can you 2 ask for big weapons, 1 pistol and one grenade type at once. The standard composition is Lancer / shotgun / fog grenade / snub pistol.

Lancer assault rifle

Lancer assault rifle

The Lancer is an assault rifle with a relatively large magazine and a chain saw in the front for close combat. It’s best to use them to fire from cover (blind), keep enemies down, or fight enemies at medium to long range.

The chainsaw activates it by pressing the melee button (on xbox B, where Pc version f + left click), which either initiates a dissection animation or triggers a chain saw spell (then always press the melee button quickly). If you have the chainsaw activated, you will, as with the sprint, slower at shelling. You should never lose the lancer as it is your main, and most important, weapon.

Longshot sniper rifle

Longshot sniper rifle

The only rifle in the whole game with visor-zoom. It is especially suitable for head shots, since the recharge goal duration is too long to shoot an enemy, the rifle is namely a single shot loader. Even if you aim well, you only need one shot to rip the enemy’s head.

The game, and straight ammo for, is rare and can only be found in small quantities, so you should divide it well. Sometimes it looks like you have your head in sight, but as long as the crosshairs are not red you do not shoot! A few millimeters move and still it should remain white still aim again.

Gnasher shotgun

Gnasher shotgun

This weapon is invincible in close combat, but only there, even at medium range you can do no more damage. Blind shooting is not recommended because the reload time is far too long. When melee (a strike) you have several options, either you hit 2 times to what the enemy does or shots once (if he is 1-2 meters in front of you also quiet blind) on him what should either kill him or shred it.

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Hammer of Dawn

You will only find this weapon in the game a few times, mostly only to obliterate berserkers. In Multiplayer you have only limited Muntions.

boom shot

This weapon is worn by the boomers. It is unwieldy, heavy and has a long reload time. but 1 shot is enough to shred the standard enemies (crawlers, drones etc). Grade in co-op does not hurt if one has one. But be careful that you are not too close or you will blow yourself up in the air.

hammer burst

The Locust counterpart to the Lancer. Unlike the Lancer you have to trigger each shot here individually. You can zoom in here like the Boltok pistol. The shots do more damage, but it’s easier to dodge (with the Lance firing every escape attempt is a suicide mission) and blindfire is a little less effective. In the second part you can also choose whether you want to have Lancer or Hammerburst at the beginning (multiplayer). If you have this weapon, you should be careful that your opponents are not too close, only at a great distance, it is superior to the other weapons.

Arkon arch

Bow and arrow with a difference. One of the most difficult weapons to use in the game, but a skilled player can use it to kill a lot of enemies, taking a certain amount of playing time. Unlike the other weapons you have no crosshairs here but you have to aim first and then keep the fire button pressed until a yellow line starts from the bow (at the point of impact you should be able to see a yellow square).

If you let go then the arrow shoots and gets stuck at the target. Even then he should jump away the arrow stuck to him, explodes and kills him. The only disadvantages of this weapon are the long aiming, which you can load only one projectile at a time and the short ammunition. To mention is that the melee attack of the bow is stronger than the other weapons (except Lancer).

COG pistol

The standard pistol. It is not to be underestimated, also here each shot must be released individually. With some practice in active reloading you can fire almost continuously – as long as you have munitions. Also the damage is not to be despised, it is used on average 2 magazines for an enemy.

Boltok Pistol

The great friend of the COG pistol. A revolver with high damage (usually 2 shots to kill an enemy) and the to zoom in is not to be despised (especially in head shots). However, it takes a long time to trigger another after a shot.

Ask grenades

One of the deadliest weapons in the game, which allows you to kill swap holes, kill enemies or set traps. Throwing works quite normally, and you can throw it blind. With the grenade in your hand you can go to a wall, press B and attach the grenade with it (like an opponent). It is triggered when an opponent passes it – so it is recommended especially for narrow passages.

Fog grenade

This grenade releases a mist in the explosion of (hence the name) and enemies will thus reflect in greater radius. Nevertheless, I would exchange them for Frag Grenade, because with them simply more can be achieved. Nevertheless, they can help, skillfully placed, they can catapult an opponent into the abyss.

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