gears pop review

gears pop review

The crossover spin-off “Gears POP!” Is now available as a download for iOS and Android. We took a closer look at Microsoft’s unusual experiment.

Gears of War made of plastic

The basic idea behind Gears Pop! is strange. Microsoft released a mobile app that portrayed familiar characters from the “Gears of War” series as funko pop characters. The “Gears of War” series was always characterized by their explicit representation of violence. And the pop characters … well … not really. Can this crossover work?
The gameplay of Gears Pop!

Gears pop! is strongly based on Clash Royale. In an arena, two players and their troops compete against each other. The troops can be assembled before each match in the main menu and combined as desired. The selected units are placed on the field. The goal of the match is to eliminate the opposing towers and finally the opponent.

During the battle you have to keep an eye on your points at the bottom of the screen. With each unit you send to the field, they decrease as each unit consumes points. Although the points recharge over time, a little tactical skill is required to avoid being empty-handed in the middle of the game. However, the fights are not too challenging.

Humourous style

The idea of presenting the “Gears of War” characters as pop characters is being consistently pursued. At first, it may seem irritating for fans of the series to see the well-known muscle protagonists as small, cute plastic figures. The developers try again and again to pick up typical elements of the “Gears” series in a humorous way. For example, the iconic ” saw fight ” has found its way into the app. When two pop characters duel with chainsaw lancers, the typical human weapon, it just looks funny.

Lootboxing and daily missions in Gears Pop!

As a free-to-play mobile game comes Gears Pop! not without microtransactions and lootboxes. After completing a match, you will receive a Lootbox, which you can open in the menu. However, only the first box in the game is released for immediate opening. Usually you have to wait up to five hours before you can open a box.

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Unless you invest some of the premium currency, crystals that you have to buy for real money. Although these crystals are also free playable, but on this way you need much more time. If you have opted for an opening option, the content of a Lootbox can consist of skins, new units and the regular in-game currency (coins). When you drag new characters out of a lootbox, they are hidden in a digital version of the original pop packaging,

To unlock new skins or units, you have to open loot boxes. It is not possible to buy specific items in the shop.

In order to provide long-term motivation, the developers have built missions for which you get more rewards than in traditional matches. For example, a typical mission may consist of winning 20 matches or completing a certain number of matches in a given time.

Gears POP! rating

Gears pop! is one of these apps, which is ideal for waiting time bridging. The matches are easy to handle, the controls are easy to learn, and anyone who has ever played a Clash Royale-style game will find their way quickly. However, anyone who plays the app for more than a few minutes a day inevitably encounters the downsides of the free-to-play model: long waiting times.

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